black & white

The eternal tension between light and shade – a daily presence, a continuous novelty. This much elegance is combinable with every other of our decors. Give your buildings maximum appeal through contrast.


Fascinating optical intensity. With an all-new process, Max Exterior panels can now be produced with even more vibrant colours. Give your buildings incredible brilliance.


The last glimmering streak of a sunset. Jasmine flowers delicately glowing in the backlight.
Give your buildings freshening colour shades.


The lush gloss of fully ripe cherries. The soft play of colours in an opened rose blossom.
Give your buildings deeply felt passion.


The mysterious depth of the night sky over the city. Seawater glistening in a thousand different colour facets. Give your buildings fantastical inspiration.


A sea of fern leaves in the forest’s twilight. The iridescent eyes of a feline.
Give your buildings a look of opulence.


Clay castles in front of a steel-blue savannah sky. The delicately speckled house of a vineyard snail.
Give your buildings a pristine, natural look.


Stones smoothed by the waters of the surf. Subtle interplay of ivory and cream shades.
Give your building exceptionally noble looks.