Innovative outdoor furniture for social interaction

PLATEAU - Innovative outdoor furniture for social interaction


Project PLATEAU - Innovative outdoor furniture for social interaction
Country Denmark
Photo credit Karina Tengberg
Architect OUT-SIDER A/S

Products Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality
Surfaces NT
Decors 0429 Corro , 0712 Steel Blue

Plateau is a new series of outdoor furniture developed by Copenhagen-based company out-sider  in cooperation with Holscher Design. Once again out-sider is reaching into the future: Their new Plateau series features a number of exciting expansion options. Some are already available at launch, while others are still in transit between the sketching and drafting design phases.

Plateau is basically a table enclosed by an integrated bench to invite social interaction: a democratic piece of furniture for harbour meeting points, city squares, green urban spaces and museum parks - or for tactical gatherings at the local football club (Plateau seats 12). Or it could be placed at the local high school as a place for students to work together or just hang out with their friends. Plateau is also suitable for lunch with colleagues in the workplace, in a large atrium, or in a picnic area at a highway layby. Out-sider is also launching a version suitable for wheelchair-users and the walking-impaired. Plateau is a meeting point for everyone.

Plateau has the future built right in! Each unit features six bead blasted stainless steel discs – two in the tabletop and one in each corner of the bench. No mere aesthetic detail, they permit future modifications and expansions like backrests, canopies, solar panels to run computers/chargers/wi-fi/lighting, or even heat-resistant panels for barbecues. We can’t wait to see what new ideas come up – especially once users and clients start proposing new solutions.

The versatility of Plateau is down to meticulous design and solid materials. The frame is made from steel tubing available in galvanized or powder-painted grey. The tabletop and seating are made from UV- and weather-resistant High Pressure Laminate (HPL) designed for year-round outdoor use, requiring only soap and water for maintenance. At present Plateau is available in six standard tabletop and seating colours, patterns and other colours are available on request.

Plateau is a slim-line minimalist piece of furniture with a unique expression. The semi-elliptical geometry of the large rounded corners merge the practical versatility of a rectangular table with a friendlier circular form. This ensures good eye-contact all around the table, encouraging everyone to join in and participate.



Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality

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