Waterside landscape design

Waterside landscape design, Scheibbs


Project Waterside design, Scheibbs
Country Austria
City 3270 Scheibbs
Address Gaminger Straße
Architect DI Christian Wittmeir
Installer Johann Edelbauer
Owner Gemeinde Scheibbs

Products Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality
Surfaces NT , Hexa
Decors 0674 Mars Red
Assembly Type Bolted, Glued

The special challenge in this project was the development of different prototypes that requires an elaborate planning. The challenge was on the one hand the typical requirements such as robustness and durability for the public space and on the other hand, the placement of furniture in the embankment area of Erlauf.

We were looking for a permanent robust, quality material that meets the requirements for objects in public space (mechanical stress, slip resistance, etc.). In addition, a strong and resistant decor was important. Architect DI Christian Wittmeir

FunderMax products

Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality

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Mars Red

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