BioCentar Zagreb

BioCentar Zagreb

Inovation center of Zagreb University - BIOCentar

BIOCentar Zagreb


Project BIOCentar Zagreb
Country Croatia
City Zagreb
Address Borongajska cesta 83F
Architect Jana Kocbek and Davor Katušić
Installer Srećko Kupres
Owner Žuntar d.o.o.

Products Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality
Surfaces NT
Decors 0085 White

Substructure Aluminium
Assembly Type Bolted

The circular form corresponds to the beginning, and leaves open the possibility of forming the main directions and groups of objects within the future new solution for campus. At the same time, communicational circular corridor is continuous communication between laboratories, which has no beginning and no end, nor hierarchy between the individual spaces. Democratic organization of space with a central amphitheater was conceived as a space of generator of knowledge exchange. Simplicity of low circular shape and rationality of structure correspond to scientific function. The circular shape allows easy organization of functions, rationalization of communication and constant circulation between space which increases the flexibility of the organization.

BioCentar is the first newly constructed content of the university campus in the former barracks ''Borongaj''. Sketches for the Innovation Centre for Bio-Science, the first object of its kind in Croatia, were started in 2008, and projects of BioCentar were completed in 2010. The construction of the facility size 5.400 m2 lasted from 2012 to 2015.


Jana Kocbek and Davor Katušić


Srećko Kupres


Žuntar d.o.o.

Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality

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