Basket apartments in Paris

Basket apartments in Paris


Basket Appartements


Project Basket apartments in Paris
Country France
City Paris
Address 3-11 rue Deplhine Seyrig
Architect Ofis Architecture
Installer Antunes
Owner RIVP

Products Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality
Surfaces NT
Decors AUTN Authentic Natura

Seemingly guided by the young user group, the office focused its research on the façade, thereby creating a distinctive pair of main façades for the city and presenting the architectural scale on posters. OFIS has designed a regular structure with 192 residential modules on 11 floors, utilising the existing plot as effectively as possible. OFIS made use of the balconies as the element to vary the main façade. With a structure lined with high pressure laminate (which has high surface strength), each balcony projects from the line of the façade, distinguishing itself from neighbouring balconies through the aperture angle and alignment. The design of the frontage as a whole is a product of the combination of a series of similar modules that vary from one another and, as the project name suggests, comprise small ‘baskets’ – havens of the individual within a dynamic system.

The frontage opposite was influenced by proximity to the football pitch, whose surrounding wall connects with that of the Basket Apartments. Along the corridors outside the building leading to the apartment entrances on the various floors, the safety guard develops across all horizontal and vertical levels of the front face in a zigzag line; in this way, the metal lattice provides an opportunity to give secondary façades a distinct identity.

At Basket Apartments, the new student hall of residence in Paris, OFIS’ Slovenian planners met the requirements of the city authorities as regards sustainable urban development; these impacted on the choice of panelling and the use of natural resources such as daylight and rainwater.

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