Multi-purpose hall Hallwang

Multi-purpose hall Hallwang

Salzburg (Austria)

Multi-purpose hall Hallwang


Project Multi-purpose hall Hallwang
Country Austria
City Salzburg
Address Dorfstraße 45
Photo credit Johannes Hemetsberger
Architect Architekten Resmann & Schindlmeier ZT-GmbH
Owner Gemeinde Hallwang

Products Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality
Surfaces NT
Decors 0160 Dark Afro , 0080 Black

Substructure Aluminium
Assembly Type Glued


The multi-purpose hall of Hallwang in Salzburg is used for various events. The rooms in the two floors can be used together or separately for events.

Outdoor events can be optimally realized with access from the garden. The entire power supply of the building is only possible via the sun, therefore, there is no CO2 emissions still ongoing energy costs to the community. 

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Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality

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Dark Afro

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