IT-Management of FunderMax is developing iOS App for sales

Demonstration of application possibilities for the product range of Exterior.

For an innovative company such as FunderMax, the issue of digitisation is of great importance. "We have been working on our digital transformation for quite some time. We have invested a lot in training and education for our employees." explains Hartwig Schwarzlmüller, FunderMax's Vice President of Organisation & Information Management / IT Management.

To illustrate different application areas for the products, sales representatives refer to projects which have already been implemented. For the exterior product sector, an iOS app will soon help visualize these reference projects: Buildings can be sorted according to decors, surfaces or specific location and thereby presented to customers virtually.

Additional Information from the architect or awards associated with a particular project, can also be retrieved - they can also be added to favourites and rated. In addition to the current ‘real-life’ sample collection, the entire decor collection can also be viewed digitally via the iPad app and displayed to customers on site.