FunderMax @ BAU 2017 - "DayOne” of the new Interior range of decors

With its new Interior range of decors, FunderMax is radically breaking with well-known forms and traditions. In terms of communication, content and preparation, the material specialists from Austria are taking a completely new approach. The eye-catching presentation revealed at BAU, Munich, marks "DayOne" of a brand new era.

Preparations have been underway for the last two years, and since the spring of 2016 things started to gather momentum, with FunderMax presenting individual aspects of the new concept. Finally on the 16th January at BAU it was time to reveal everything to the world. In dramatic fashion, the curtain was raised around a large, two-storey stand, unveiling a completely new Interior Collection. From the stand design to the creative new sample folder as well as the trendy collection itself - innovation has informed every element of this new Interior range of decors.

Designed #forpeoplewhocreate

The entire range of decors stands out through its individual implementation: Instead of a traditional collection system, FunderMax has developed an intuitive, highly applicable and flexible work tool. With an elegant, high-quality design and a revolutionary approach, FunderMax supports the practical applications of its products: ergonomically designed to encourage conversation and ease discussions with customers, builders, architects and designers during planning and throughout the lifespan of projects, right through to implementation.

  • A revolutionary new sample folder
    On 12 sample cards, decors and surfaces are arranged by colour groups and trends (no longer in conventional rows of colour). Held in a square folder, these decors are stacked and fixed using a sophisticated device. The collection can be adapted to suit individual requirements by reorganising loose sample cards.

  • Impressive sample sizes
    Our new sample sizes are significantly larger than is customary in the industry.
  • Mix & Match
    The individual decor cards consist of sublime original samples: this allows for a convenient "Mix & Match" function, so that materials and decors can be compared easily and quickly within the FunderMax collection and beyond. And because each surface can be viewed separately, all conceivable and feasible decor/surface combinations can be visualised immediately. During a customer consultation all requests and design solutions can be displayed and reviewed in seconds - simply at the table with original decors and surfaces.
  • All information & delivery options at a glance
    All important information about the product portfolio can be found on the back of each decor card. Questions such as delivery options can now be clarified immediately - it’s no longer necessary to carry additional documents.
  • Easy to expand
    The "FunderMax Principle", developed for this collection, allows for the seamless expansion of the decor and surface portfolio.
  • No decor & product discontinued
    During the lifetime of the Interior range of decors, FunderMax guarantees the delivery of all decors, surfaces and products, which gives architects, designer and creators planning certainty for years to come.

In a nutshell, it’s a truly well-designed, high-quality and professional work tool for all users, which is really easy to work with. With this unique new design, FunderMax helps architects and processors to plan and implement their inspirational interior design ideas.


Decor and surface diversity: Almost 100 completely new decors and 4 new surfaces

FunderMax's decor team has developed, tested and evaluated hundreds of decors and countless surfaces over the past two years. The new Interior Collection includes 150 decors and a total of 170 options - more than two-thirds of the decors are new.

The largest group within this are the 69 plain decors, 34 of which are new to the programme. Within our Nature range (Wood decors) 38 of the 48 decors are new, and amongst the 32 Material decors (Fantasy and Real metal decors) you’ll find 22 new additions.

9 surfaces are available, 4 of which are also brand new: Grafica (already introduced as a "teaser" in the summer), Lignum, Natura and Aptico.

  • Aptico - a highlight amongst our surfaces. With its unique anti-fingerprint finish, it is sure to become one of the biggest market trends in 2017.
  • Lignum - offers an elegant, near-natural wood grain finish with a vivid inverse pore structure.
  • Natura - a surface with a matt-effect wood pore finish and a particularly natural looking distinctive pore structure which intensifies its beautiful three-dimensional effect.
  • Grafica - impresses with its slightly rough texture which emulates stone and allows designers to inject a mix of materials into their interiors - which previously wasn’t possible with FunderMax panels

Product diversity and decor composites

An important characteristic of the new collection are decor composites. All decors are available across the Star Favorit, S-Aufbau, HPL and Compact Interior product groups - allowing harmonious and well-designed solutions, for even the most complex projects.

And there’s even more to come...

One of the most special features of the new FunderMax Interior Collection is that it is designed to grow. Important trend updates make it continually possible to stay ahead of the game.

The ability to integrate new decors as well as new surfaces, seamlessly into the collection, adds tremendous value. The sample folder design, developed by FunderMax, enables a problem-free integration of new trends, which is completely unique to the market. Furthermore, FunderMax has decided not to discontinue any decors or surfaces as part of future trend updates.


News from our exterior portfolio

FunderMax has bolstered its ever expanding range of facades with an innovative new surface. Recently unveiled, SKY takes the product portfolio to another level. Inspired by vivid skies (as the name implies), valley floors and mountain tops, it boasts a beautiful textured finish, and is full of depth and character. 

Carefully developed to complement the Max Exterior collection which features an extensive choice of façade panels and decors, each with unique qualities; vivid modern shades, raw weathered metallics, and original wooden influenced finishes -  SKY is an aesthetically striking new addition which enables designers and architects to effectively re-create stone and concrete like facades.

Truly impressive, it boasts a distinctive, mottled surface with contrasting matte and glistening facets, which shimmer subtly when caught by the light. Designed ‘for people who create’, this unique exterior surface allows you to achieve the very best in terms of visual depth and texture. And as the surface design doesn’t have a grain, there’s no need to worry about the direction of the cut during installation.


Stay in the loop: show:room.fundermax.at

Even after BAU, FunderMax continues to engage, inform and inspire with up-to-the-minute information, services and trends. FunderMax has developed a dedicated online show:room. A digital inspiration platform which brings everything together in one beautiful inspirational form. Core elements are a topical feed and a social wall. The latter is filled with content from creatives worldwide who hashtag #fundermax  and #forpeoplewhocreate in their posts.