Trend decors

High quality trend decors in 6 surface finishes

We have developed high quality decor options in partnership with leading paper manufacturers and the Italian kitchen industry. Whether it comes with a concrete, wood or textile look, every decor has been carefully selected and combined with the perfect surface structure. Elegance, exclusivity and modernity are the three qualities that best describe our decor and surface combinations.

Concrete - Elegant option that offers a light material effect; combines ideally with fine wood designs and high-contrast, rustic woods

Metal – Fresh possibilities for combining shimmering highlights with rustic woods

Oak – Combined with cooler colours, this decor still manages to exude a warm mood and a distinct elegance 

Walnut – Another way to give your interior extra elegance, style and beauty 

Eucalipto and Uni-Colors – Minimalist yet warm and cosy, these decors combine well with all decor schemes 

Terrazzo – Celebrating a comeback with upscale furniture producers, this decor is highly versatile, playful yet clean

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Surfaces with natural structures and magnetic effects

Every trend decor needs the right surface finish. We have been busy adding three more surfaces to the range. Alongside Struktura, Natura and Grafica, we have added two more smooth surface options – Nice and Immago – and a surface featuring a real perception of depth: Texta.

NICE NI – Look and feel of heat-treated wood with stripes and tiny flames 

IMMAGO IM – Scuff marks, grains and tongue-like features

TEXTA TE – Matt and glossy grooves offer effortless depth 

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