Melamine faced chipboards

Brand-name products like this one can stand up to a second and even a third glance. Why is the Star Favorit material, in particular, one of this brand-name products par excellence? Because it is always the subject of interest – and still meets every demand. 

Applying a decorative coating to chipboard is a particularly complex process. However, the real challenge lies in creating a result that is much more than “a colourful panel” for a wide variety of interior applications: a sense for elegant decors and polished surfaces is required; taste and stylistic confidence in terms of colours and shapes; empathy for what customers wish for all around the world; and the right mix of sensitivity, courage and creativity. 

With Star Favorit, the result is a material that has won over professional in many different countries.  A material that is so impressive, even to a critical eye that the finished product created with it ensures market success right from the start. And a material that ideally combines its beauty with tangible product quality.



Star Favorit

Star Favorit Standard P2


Star Favorit P5


Star Favorit B1


Star Favorit MDF



Star Favorit Real Metal



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