Star Favorit Real Metal

FunderMax Star Favorit Real Metal P2 are aluminium-laminated chipboard panels in compliance with EN 312 and according to the E1 P2 qualification, for use in dry areas.

Slight surface markings and indentations may occur during the manufacture of aluminium direct laminates. These marks are normal and unavoidable according to the current state of technology.
Deviations in surface finish and colour are not do not affect the quality of the materials; on the contrary, they are proof of the fact that these are real metal surfaces.

Split panels along film seam and arrange elements according to colour. Please observe the directional arrows on the protective foil.

Surfaces and decors according to the current delivery programme.

Delivery options

Product details


Thickness and palletisation

Thickness   8 mm = 14 panels
Thickness 10 mm = 14 panels
Thickness 12 mm = 14 panels
Thickness 16 mm = 20 panels
Thickness 18 mm = 20 panels
Thickness 19 mm = 20 panels
Thickness 22 mm = 14 panels
Thickness 25 mm = 14 panels
Thickness 28 mm = 14 panels
Thickness 30 mm = 14 Panels


2790 x 1840 mm = 5,13 m²
Metal joint at 1230 / 610 mm (Joint width ≤ 5mm) with protective foil on real metal.

  • Furniture industry