Character becomes also evident from the way in which passion is deliberately used especially in those places where it would not be expected and where it is also not always visible. And it is particularly the insignificant that often has the greatest power – both in nature and in materials: plants that can break open rocks; insects that carry items many times their own size; unprepossessing caterpillars that are transformed into shimmering butterflies.

A raw chipboard is undoubtedly not the glamour product in the world of materials. But “hats off” to what it can become – given the right quality in combination with highest demands.

With Homogenous, FunderMax produces “the” raw chipboard in Austria. The fact that even with this comparatively simple product we refuse to make any compromises means that it becomes the raw material for thousands of exciting applications. 



E1 P1

Homogenous E1 P1 Lightweight UL


E1 P2

Homogenous E1 P2 S


E1 P3

Homogenous E1 P3


Homogenous E1 Module P3 Flooring panel


E1 P5

Homogenous E1 P5


Homogenous E1 Module P5 Flooring panel