Biofaser Standard

FunderMax Biofaser Standard is our range of products for universal interior applications without special strength requirements.

FunderMax Biofaser is a fibre panel produced using the wet method according to standard EN 622-2.

Biofaser Standard is unsanded and untreated on the top surface.

Raw blanks cut to size, sanding, special formats and special thicknesses on request.

Our special manufacturing process does away almost completely with the use of synthetic resins.

The raw material used by FunderMax Biofaser panels is exclusively untreated natural wood. Our raw materials suppliers are largely regional sawmills whose residues we process to form a high quality material.

By doing away with synthetic resin (content 0-1%, depending on quality), Biofaser hardboards can be used everywhere for interior applications. The formaldehyde content is the same as for natural wood.

FunderMax Biofaser is suitable for surface finishing with melamine resin paper, varnish, film and much more. In its raw state the hardboard has a smooth surface on top and a sieve structure underneath. The colour of the finished panel is brown.

There are no environmental issues when disposing of hardboards. National laws and regulations regarding disposal need to be observed, however.


Volume weight: ≥ 950 kg/m³

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Format: 2820 x 2070 mm = 5.84 m²
Thickness: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm.

Special thicknesses on request.

Format: 5640 x 2150 mm = 12.13 m²
Thickness: 4 mm

Special thicknesses on request.

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