Umwelt und Energie - Standort Wiener Neudorf

Wiener Neudorf - Laminated boards, Compact Interior & Exterior

Total area: approx. 81,500 m²
Annual production capacity: 2,700,000 m2 HPL / 5,200,000 m2 Compact
Shipment per year: approx. 6,200 trucks / year

Power Generation

The energy required to produce our panels is provided by our natural gas-fired boiler systems. In addition, wastewater from the resin production is thermally treated, enabling us to have a closed production cycle. The emissions from the power generation plant are continually monitored.

During the impregnation of our core and decorative papers for the production of the compact panel, volatile solvent components are generated. We recycle these in a thermal post-combustion plant and thus recover energy for our production process. FunderMax received the Austrian Climate Protection Award 2008 for this intelligent process.

Compact laminates

Our resistant compact laminates Max Compact Interior and Max Compact Exterior are made from a mixture of cellulose layers and resins. We produce the required impregnating resins ourselves and also use the natural raw material lignin. FunderMax stores the raw materials according to the strict requirements of the Industrial Accident Regulations. In Wiener Neudorf, we create a material of the highest quality for a diverse range of interior and exterior applications. These products are also the first choice for ambitious architects and fabricators who can bring their own ideas to life thanks to our comprehensive product range. The production of these laminates under the MAX brand has a long tradition in Wiener Neudorf, dating back to 1962. Our compact laminates are now exported to 80 countries world-wide.

A large and experienced team of specialists - from production to quality assurance and marketing to logistics - are committed to excellence, in order to satisfy our customers around the globe every day.

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