Umwelt und Energie - Unternehmen

A responsible company

For us, being responsible encompasses so many things: it's about being responsible with our resources, employees and the environment in everything we do. We're also honest when it comes to responding to questions about the environment, for example: 'Where should clean energy come from?' The righteous answer: Energy production, like industrial production, is always a compromise. Both generate by-products and have numerous effects. Our aim is to minimise these effects on people and the environment through ongoing improvements, sustainable investment, consistent monitoring and cleaner processes.


The central values ​​of our corporate mission statement shape our everyday life. We are ethical - we rely on trust, honesty, transparency, partnership and respect. We behave the way we would like to be treated by our partners. Of course, laws are also binding guidelines for us.

What is important to us?
Trust and honesty
Transparency & Partnership
Respect & Responsibility

What we offer
Security & a motivating environment
Promotion of employees
Passion for excellence

What we aim for
To impress and delight our customers
Continuous improvement & simplification
Reduction of waste and environmental impact

What makes us different?
Our courage to discover new things
Creative and innovative spirit
Goal orientation
Excellent quality
Consistent implementation

Constant development is important to us. For this purpose we have expert teams at all of our locations. Thanks to the ideas and suggestions of our employees we're able to enhance safety in our everyday processes, improve our efficiencies and environmental compatibilities. We invest heavily in our plants and facilities to ensure that enhanced productivity does not negatively impact our employees and the environment.

Our commitment to improvement depends on the involvement of our employees; gathering ideas from their everyday interactions. Numerous measures have already been implemented in order to save our valuable resources.


As an industrial company, we're conscious of our impact on our neighbours too - we are a dynamic partner; always striving to be active when it comes to working in harmony and protecting our environment. We're committed to having an open, ongoing dialogue with our neighbours and the wider society in general, so that meet these requirements as a responsible industrial partner.

At each and every one of our locations our employees are always on hand to answer any questions you might have. We're more than happy to help and are focused on finding joint solutions.

Fundermax St. Veit: Heinrich Meran
Fundermax Neudörfl: Gerhard Trimmel
Fundermax Wiener Neudorf: Jan Häupler


Values are important in everyday life. That's why we've established an integrated management system according to international standards ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 50001 (energy) and ISO 45001 (occupational safety). These management systems are constantly reviewed by internal and external experts and ensure a high standard of quality, environment, energy efficiency and occupational safety.

At each site, we have our own teams, dedicated to creating and implementing measures for environmental and energy programmes. This ensures a continuous reduction of environmental pollution and increasing energy efficiency. By doing this we set ourselves ambitious goals which will improve our energy efficiency by up to 20% within 5 years.