Our employees

It is a pleasure to introduce a small part of our enthusiastic team to you. Delve into the working environment at Fundermax and find out what our employees have to say about their jobs.



What were your most important career steps during your time with Fundermax?

"The most important career steps after my apprenticeship were definitely completing the master-workman qualification, then four years of extra-occupational polytechnic and, until last year, my degree in business administration."





How did you get into R&D?

"Actually, it was coincidence. I think I have always had a basic sense of curiosity and I have always known that I want a technical career, work with people and I wanted to create something. However, it was pure coincidence that my degree in chemical engineering lead me to my current job."





What does our slogan "for people who create" mean to you?

"All Italians feel like architects and designers at heart. Our customers are developing new products every day, so being their partner means to be there "for people who create". They are the ones creating trends and we support them."





What kind of education is required for your job?

"I went to a vocational school with a focus on commercial advertisement for two years. During my career I continued my education and attended a degree course in Sales and Marketing at the University of Economics in Vienna. But there are certainly many other areas in Marketing that you can get training in - Marketing is very diverse."



What is the best thing about my job?


"My tasks are very diverse. There are always new responsibilities that I need to take on. I always need to be up-to-date. But above all, the best thing is that my colleagues, my boss and I complement one another and we are a strong team."




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