How to apply

You would like to become an apprentice with FunderMax?

This is how you apply:

  1. Send us your application for the relevant apprenticeship (cover letter, CV incl. photo, most recent school certificate).
  2. After having verified your application we will invite you to participate in a written test.
  3. If your test results are good, then we will invite you to a 2-day work experience in order to get to know you better. This is followed by a brief interview.


Please note:

This year's tests have already taken place and the recruitment process for 2018 has closed. If you are interested in starting your apprenticeship in autumn 2019, please visit our website towards the end of the year and check out our open positions.




Send your application (cover letter, CV incl. photo, most recent school certificate) by email or by post to:

Bettina Hofmeister

Apprenticeship Coordinator

FunderMax GmbH
Klagenfurter Straße 87-89
A-9300 St. Veit/Glan

+43 5 9494 4229  

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