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    ** NEW ** NEW ** NEW **
    We will launch our new website. 30.10.2014. One website for all devices. Easy handling. Improved features
  • Max Exterior | Modulo ME05
    Max Exterior | Modulo ME05
    Innovative system for modern facades!
    -more details
  • Individualdecor
    Individualdecor create a friendly atmosphere, and the nature-inspired motifs move the observer to think of the nicer things in life
  • Decors with symbolic power
    Decors with symbolic power
    FunderMax decors create a friendly atmosphere, and the motifs move the observer to think of the nicer things in life
  • FunderMax on BAU 2013
    FunderMax on BAU 2013
    Max Exterior | Surface NG and NM
    -more details

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New FunderMax Website - 30.10.2014

** NEW ** NEW ** NEW **

• One website for all devices
• Easy handling
• Improved features

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This summer - something new is coming. We are working on it - analog, digital and on set!

Products for Interior Applications


FunderMax actually offers the best solution to every kind of interior application, for all types of ...

Products for Exterior Applications


FunderMax Exterior is a high-quality construction product that is available in large format panels ...


Pore Naturale

***NEW*** Star Favorit surface.

The nature of wood, in all its deepness.



Visualize your project with the FunderMax pattern/s of your choise in three sample steps.



In our designgallery you will find exclusive references of exterior and interior objects

Product news

Star Favorit | Superfront

FunderMax Star Favorit Superfront are melamine resincoated panels manufactured in a direct ...

Product news

Star Favorit | Mirror Gloss

FunderMax knows that lustre matters, which is why for many years we have been producing surfaces ...

Product news

FunderMax Compact | Hexa

Surface hexa for FunderMax Exterior - durable, high-quality construction product, skid-resistant ...