FunderMax offers up to 5 panel formats. There may be restrictions depending on the panel type, decor, or surface.
Please see the current delivery range for available formats (www.fundermax.at - Downloads – Collections_|_Brochures) or the product description on our homepage, directly or via Decor Search.

Over 65% of MAX Compact panels are made of cellulose fibre tracts and artificial resins that turn into an irreversible hardening material during production. They do not contain any toxins and thus cannot emit any.
Material descriptions can also be found in our product datasheets on our homepage (www.fundermax.at - Downloads – Technical Information/ Datasheets) 

Max Compact Exterior should always be left in the original packaging. The panels should be stacked horizontally on a flat, stable and padded raised Surface. The panels must lie completely flat. After removing the panels, the original packaging should be closed again. Cover plates must always be left on the stack . The top cover should be weighted down. The same applies, in principle, for cut-panel stacks. Incorrect storage can lead to permanent deformation of the panels. Max Compact Exterior panels should to be stored in closed rooms under normal climatic conditions, temperature about 15°C - 25°C and relative humidity at about 50% - 65%. Climate differences on the two surfaces of a panel are to be avoided. With pre-installed fastening elements, therefore, care is to be taken that the climatic effect is uniform on all sides. Use intermediate layers of wood or plastic.


The compound of MAX HPL with substrate consists of MAX high pressure laminate according to EN 438-3, which is affixed/glued to a substrate on both sides. There is a variety of combination options for the compound. The substrate can be varied in particular. Generally, they are panels of wood-based materials, such as chipboard or MDF, though fibre elements or insulation material, etc. can also be used as a core layer.

To ensure a non-deforming compound element, a symmetrical structure is essential. This means that the high pressure laminates must be the same thickness on both sides (0.8 to 4 mm). Various decors can also be used, however.


FunderMax Star Favorit Superfront is layered chipboard manufactured in the direct coating process. The bilateral coating in thicknesses of approx. 0.5mm, 1.0mm und 1.5mm has the same structure as a high pressure laminate.
The difference compared to a HPL is in the manufacturing process. For Star Favorit Superfront, the coating is applied in a single operation.
The technical values and the performance characteristics meet the requirements of EN 438-3 for high pressure laminates, depending on the surface design of the coating.

Possible formats StarFavorit Superfront: 2800x1850mm, 2820x2070mm

To glue MAX Compact panels together, usually reaction adhesives such as epoxy- or solvent free PU-adhesives are suitable. When choosing the adhesive, we recommend consulting the adhesive manufacturer.

MAX Compact wall cladding must be mounted on a substructure. It can be attached mechanically using screws, such as rivets, or using a mounting system. The panels can also be glued to the substructure for simple and invisible attachment. What is important is that proper butt joints are formed. Rear ventilation of the wall cladding must be ensured when using MAX Compact. This is not necessary when using MAX AluCompact06.

FunderMax Alucompact 06 is suited for the manufacture of wall cladding without rear ventilation. A 0.06 mm strong aluminium foil assumes the role of a moisture barrier here. Attachment of the FunderMax Alucompact to a substructure, e.g. to strips of an Alucompact panel, is suitable. The Alucompact panel can be both glued and screwed.

Yes, Max metal panels have a running direction which is indicated by arrows on the panel’s transport protection film. Please observe the same arrow direction for units – it could result in a different appearance.


MAX Compact without decor (Decor “MDEK”, former name: Phenolcompact panel or PHCO) and MAX Authentic Natura decor AUTN (previously AUTH) have in common the fact that the “décor” is formed using a special core. The vigorous structure of the core layers and the printing cycles make each panel into a unique print through differences in structure and colour. 

MAX Compact without decor are manufactured according to EN 438-4, TYPE CGS without any special weathering protection like MAX Compact Interior panels. If they are used outside, the surface turns very grey. This effect of natural weathering enables interesting design options when used consciously. 

Max Authentic are designed for outdoor use as a duromere high-pressure laminate (HPL) in accordance with EN 438-6, type EGF. Due to the lack of an especially lightfast decor, the panel gains a “natural” appearance because of the effects of weathering. However, our tried-and-tested patented NT surface protects the panel surface from turning grey in the long term. 

Please see our homepage under Downloads for more information.

The spacings of the supporting structure should generally be determined using static equilibrium depending on the project. If this is not necessary, they can be carried out according to the information recommended in the Technical Information.

Proof of enrolment according to technical approval. Maximum permitted panel formats according to technical approval (adhesive approval MBE Z-10-8-350, SIKA Tack Panel Z-10.8-408)
The guidelines of the adhesive manufacturer must be observed!  

Contact details for adhesive system manufacturers can be found in our Technical Information

Sufficient expansion allowance must be observed here. Fixed points and sliding points must be carried out. The drill diameter in MAX EXTERIOR should be drilled larger than the diameter of the attachment depending on the required expansion allowance.

Application engineering

In Europa, high pressure laminates designed for construction applications are tested according to EN 13823 (single burning item (SBI) test) and EN ISO 11925-2 (single-flame source test) and the fire behaviour determined is stated in accordance with EN 13501-1.Classification of FunderMax Compact panels with standard core: Euroclass D-s2-d0
Classification of FunderMax Compact panels with F-core: Euroclass B-s2-d0
Valid test reports can be found on our homepage(www.fundermax.at - Downloads - Technical Approvals/Compact/Decorative Laminates)


FunderMax also offers the option of printing any quantity of graphics, photos, images or other motifs in addition to its own collection. What is important is an electronic file prepared accordingly. 
For the specific requirements, please see our individual print leaflet on our homepage www.individualdekor.at

The colours of the decors are assigned using the NCS colour coding system. In the detailed view of each decor, you will find the NCS Code next to the decor. We do not classify colours according to RAL.

We can supply you MAX Exterior with a back 0890 NT balkonweiß for the decor types listed below:

  • Plain colours 
  • Creative 
  • Wood decors 
  • Metallics 

Art decors are always supplied with back decors 0891 NT