Premium Bundle

Whether you want to draw the eye to effective furnishings with mirror gloss or make a timelessly beautiful statement with deep matte surfaces: Our new Premium Bundle leaves nothing to be desired!

Aptico (AP)
The matte surface creates creative freedom for modern interior design and, in addition to aesthetics, also saves time. The anti-fingerprint effect ensures less cleaning effort and more enjoyment of your creation.

Supergloss (SG)
The Supergloss surface reflects the very personal desires of perfect furnishings. Not only is it a real eye-catcher in any room, but its quality also ensures that beauty and enthusiasm are preserved.



The Premium Bundle combines quality, variety and aesthetics! What's your choice?

Premium Star
UV-coated Premium Star panels elevate lacquered panels to a completely advanced level of quality, making every interior dream come true with their unobtrusive and elegant appearance. Long-lasting colors due to multi-layer lacquer guarantee carefree application in horizontal decorative interior applications!

Alu Compact Aptico
Minimalist design approaches have long overtaken the furniture design industry. Alu Compact Aptico offers the possibility of presenting and creating a clear, stable, straightforward and high-quality element in interior design. The deep black core is highlighted by the aluminum line that runs through the visible edge of the panel.

Max Compact Interior
At the latest when the requirements increase only the best is good enough. The furnishing of demanding buildings is no exception - and is therefore one of Fundermax's specialties. Rooms that are subject to high demands are often particularly complex in terms of design. A gray kindergarten? A monochrome dining room? A gloomy laboratory? All unthinkable - and also not necessary. Max Compact Interior brings the whole color palette of life to the material and thus to all conceivable areas of application.

Fascinating how much you can make out of so little. All it takes is know-how, the right attitude and a few ingredients. Take laminated panels (HPL - High Pressure Laminates) from FunderMax, for example. For this purpose, several layers of resin-impregnated papers are elaborately pressed under high pressure and at high temperature. The end result is a material that is as versatile and visually captivating as almost any other. What is particularly striking is that laminate is an especially "patient" material. Abrasion, impacts, scratches, as well as extreme temperature differences - all no problem. The material, which is produced in sophisticated technological processes, takes practically everything in its stride and adapts to a wealth of uses. And is therefore the first choice for many applications when it comes to quality and design.

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Dusk White


Nevada Greige


Aspen White


Graphite Black


Warm Grey Dark


Dark Grey


Arctic White


Hygienic White