Umwelt und Energie - Standort St. Veit

St. Veit an der Glan - Biofaser, Star Favorit, Premium Star

Total area: approx. 260,000 m2
Annual production capacity: approx. 14,000,000 m2 of decorative panel (Star Favorit & Premium Star) / approx. 24,000,000 m2 bio fibre
Shipment per year: approx. 11,000 trucks / year
District heating: 60,000 MWh - approx. 4,000 households

Power Generation

The energy created from our power plant is not only used in our own processes, it also supplies district heating for around 4,000 households and public buildings. Without the need for individual heating systems we're able to make serious contributions to saving the environment. With annual investments of € 25 million, we've been able to reduce emissions by 30% to date. The company in St.Veit an der Glan has been living the trend towards clean energy for a long time: 85% of the fuel used is biomass - surplus wood from other production processes, as well as wood waste or wood chips. All fuels are carefully and consistently controlled. Due to our sophisticated flue gas purification system, we ensure that any emissions during our combustion processes are kept to a minimum.

Fundermax Biofaser

With our Biofaser panel, Fundermax has created and continues to develop materials which are almost entirely made from natural and renewable raw materials. The ingredients are fresh wood, natural resins, energy from renewable fuels and the know-how of a qualified and experienced team. Together, this results in panels that guarantee healthy living and working environments. Even at the end of their lifespan, these panels can be safely returned to the wood recycling process.

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Here at Fundermax we love wood. That's why we like to use it and make even more with it than nature intended.

Star Favorit / Premium Star

Star Favorit is a special product from FunderMax: raw chipboards made by FunderMax are further refined using the very latest, sophisticated technology thus enabling us to extend the value chain in house. Our Premium Star panels are produced under clean room conditions, which are usually only required for semiconductor products. This level of sophistication is unique within our industry. Premium Star once again offers the furniture industry a whole new dimension and reaches the absolute best of the best quality - enabling our clients to create the most unique designer pieces.

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