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Neudörfl - Chipboards

Total area: approx. 320,000 m²
Annual production capacity: approx. 540,000 m3 of raw chipboard
Shipment per year: approx. 9,200 trucks and approx. 900 rail transports / year
District heating: 65,000 MWh / rd. 4,400 households

Power Generation

Our biomass cogeneration plant generates energy for our plant. As a result, we're able to supply 4,400 households and public buildings with district heating, which saves the environment from harmful emissions generated by many individual heating systems. We were able to reduce emissions in the region by approx. 18,000 tonnes per year. As a company we strive to protect the environment with numerous measures.

Through closed production cycles, the use of biogenic fuels in complete combustion (> 850°C) and sophisticated state-of-the-art flue gas purification, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. A sophisticated and comprehensive emission monitoring system analyses the purified emissions from the biomass cogeneration plant.

Production of chipboard

We produce our homogeneous chipboards from wood, wood chips, sawdust and recycled wood. The wood is chipped, cleaned, machined and dried in drying systems. After screening, sifting and gluing, we use spreading machines to create a chip fleece. This fleece is pressed in a continuously running press, at high pressure and temperature, to create our boards. The wood content of chipboard is more than 90%. The extract air from our drying and press systems is cleaned using a wet electrostatic precipitator. Depending on outside temperatures, the condensing water vapour is more or less visible.

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At Fundermax we love wood. That's why we like to use it and make even more with it than nature intended.

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