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Products in harmony with the environment

Green energy for everyone
At our sites in St. Veit an der Glan and Neudörfl, we've combined heat and power plants that generate certified green electricity for the public grid and district heating for surrounding households and public buildings. This district heating replaces the individual heating systems of neighbouring buildings, thus reducing emissions which impact the environment. When creating our products we actually generate a great deal of the energy we need; at the highest ecological level: since 2005, we've been able to save 30% of fossil CO2 emissions, thanks largely to our investments in energy efficiency and by changing the fuel we use.

Green electricity that could supply 35,000 households
District heating for a total of 8,500 households
18,000 t less emissions per year / location
Our fuels consist of 85% biomass
100% sustainable forestry
Reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% since 2005

Biofaser - in tune with nature
Our Biofaser panels are created in St. Veit an der Glan, using only locally sourced recycled raw pulpwood which can't be used by the sawmill industry. Within the make-up of wood fibres, the ratio of foreign resin is less than 1%. With our expert knowledge, we're able to maximise the natural resin found in the wood. The production process of our bio-fibre boards ensures minimal impact on people and the environment.

Star Favorit - Coated chipboard for unlimited creativity
Star Favorit is one of Fundermax's very special products: The base of which is our homogenous chipboard produced at our Neudörfl site. Carefully developed and refined with impressive decors and surfaces, the end result is a material that combines the highest standards in terms of product quality and aesthetics. All of which is crucial given that the end application is diverse, yet exacting: from designer kitchens and individual pieces of furniture to interior design solutions for sophisticated architects' practises. Behind every Star Favorit success story is the decor competence of the Fundermax team, as well as our many years of experience in different markets and diligent customer contact.

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Premium Star - the ultimate interior design panel
With Premium Star, Fundermax has taken its Star Favorit material to another level: With sophisticated technology and a real feel for visual impact, Premium Star opens up completely new dimensions for the furniture industry - allowing designers the possibility to obtain 'top, top quality' for the most unique designer pieces. Premium Star comes in two impressive surfaces; Lotus and Luxos: Lotus is a super matt surface with a refined finish; compelling with its anti-fingerprint protection and perfect appearance. Luxos, on the other hand, is a super-glossy surface which, depending on the decor, conjures up images of glass, crystal or luxurious lacquered piano. This opens up innumerable possibilities to make each project a unique on a world-class level.

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Homogeneous raw chipboard
Our chipboards are created using the most sophisticated methods; replacing some of the raw pulpwood, with quality-assured recycled wood. Once refined this raw material is transformed into the highest quality product. Using innovative techniques we're able to continuously reduce the amount of glue in the panel while maintaining exceptional standards consistently.

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Fundermax Compact Laminates
Recycled wood is also the most important raw material for our compact laminates at Wiener Neudorf - the wood fibres for which come from FSC®/PEFCTM-certified forests. These products consist of 65% renewable raw materials and our compact and laminated panels can be found everywhere; from sophisticated interior applications to facades that give buildings character.

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m.look - newfound creative freedom
m.look is suitable for all applications that require a building material class A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1 and skilfully combines style with sought-after safety. m.look finds new accents - whether in public or buildings with high footfall, monumental buildings or multi-dimensional constructions - m.look allows you to implement designs beyond 30 metres in height and convincingly enables you to bring your transform your ideas into impressive realities.

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