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Energy and environmental policy

Fundermax are specialists in the manufacture of products from renewable raw materials. During the production process we endeavour to establish as closed production cycles as possible. We work with an externally audited environmental management system which is integrated into the Fundermax corporate management methodology in accordance with the international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 


    Fundermax | Location St. Veit - Energy Production

    Fundermax has been operating an energy production plant in St. Veit for many years. By doing so, we not only cover our own energy needs and we also provide around 4,000 households and public buildings with environmentally friendly heat.

    Fundermax | Location Neudörfl

    Fundermax has been operating a biomass cogeneration plant in Neudörfl for many years. In this way, we cover our own energy needs and supply an additional 4,400 households and public buildings with environmentally friendly heat.

    Fundermax | Location Wiener Neudorf

    The Fundermax plant at Wr. Neudorf is dedicated to the manufacture of compact laminates for indoor and outdoor use (eg: as façade and wall elements. In terms of safety, our tanks and hall 5 resin station are of particular focus.


    What does cascading wood use mean?

    As a renewable resource wood is a very valuable asset for Fundermax. That's why we use the principle of 'cascading wood' when it comes to our production flow and use a mix of woods, which are not usable in the sawing industry. Used wood chips, (no longer suitable for recycling) are used as a substitute fuel in our energy production. We make a positive contribution to the conservation of our resources and the environment. The monitoring and development of our processes, both internally and externally is integral to the success of our business. We're constantly striving to find alternative raw materials to minimise environmental impact and use our resources responsibly.

    We love wood here at Fundermax. That's why we like to use it and maximise its potential.