Committed to future generations

With five plants at three locations in Austria, we are certainly anchored locally. Thanks to committed and intensive business and educational partnerships, we are the driving force behind economic development in the region. Our partners include many small and medium-sized companies as well as major global corporations. What makes this collaboration flourish is our integrity and honesty, based on a solid handshake.

As an employer, we take great responsibility for our employees - securing and creating jobs for future generations. A responsibility that we take, as a member of society, very seriously. After all, we are also judged by employees, the general public and other stakeholders on how credible and reliable we are. It's important to reconcile different interests. In order to maximise this, we are always in intensive dialogue with our partners and involve all stakeholders in our projects in the best possible way.

We work closely with experts from different fields to develop and implement the best solutions for the future. The only way this can be achieved is through constructive cooperation - so we work every day to continue to improve and to do our part.

Joint celebration and great communication

If you work and live together, it stands to reason you should also celebrate together: that's why Fundermax invites its employees, as well as their families, former employees, partners and neighbours to numerous events. Summer festivities, and open days all play their part in strengthening the physical and mental well-being of our team. There is always lots of fun things for young and old to do, including events which offer interesting insights and information about the life of the company - all of which are designed to promote direct and engaging interaction.

When it comes to society; individuals, politicians, public authorities and the media play decisive roles: concerns, demands, opinions and moods often become confused or problematic. That's why Fundermax is always open to debate and constructive discussions. We're focused on solutions and are genuinely interested in clarifying any questions our collaborators may have.

Going above and beyond

People are the most important asset at Fundermax - forming so much more than just a workforce. That's why we've repeatedly invested in cultural projects over the years. For example, we've created an edition of art books which have popularised local artists; invested in musical projects for young people (including the company's own apprentices), all designed to help them derive pleasure from creative activities. The long-standing support of the Chorgemeinschaft Funder in St. Veit is crucial to helping us achieve this, as they often offer free use of rooms for events and concerts.

We invest in the future - not only in our plants through process optimisation, but through our educational programmes too. School children are often welcomed into our company. We believe it's important to bring young people closer to economic contexts as well as everyday life in a modern industrial enterprise, which takes its social and ecological responsibility seriously. Many a career began with such a visit to a factory: where a young person comes into contact and is enthralled by technological processes in such a way that it leaves a lasting mark. So in this respect, we like to contribute to the very personal future of people.

Generosity is at the heart of Fundermax - we're dedicated to providing the help people need to succeed, when they need it. This philosophy has always shaped everyday life at Fundermax. Subtly and without too much 'show' - people, projects and clubs have been supported; even the smallest contribution can make a big difference. In return it's not the limelight we seek or public applause, but a smile, a sigh of relief, or a quiet "thank you" from people for whom our commitment has made such a difference. And this is something we always look forward to.