Our employees

It is a pleasure to introduce a small part of our enthusiastic team to you. Delve into the working environment at FunderMax and find out what our employees have to say about their jobs.



Why did you choose a career in R&D?

"I always planned for a technical career, and I wanted to work with people and create something. However, it was pure coincidence that my degree in chemical engineering lead to my current job."






Was bedeutet unser Slogan "for people who create" für Sie?

"Alle Italiener sind im Herzen Architekten und Designer. Und meine Kunden entwickeln tagtäglich neue Trends und Produkte. Ein Partner für sie zu sein bedeutet die Menschen, die etwas kreieren, zu unterstützen und für sie da zu sein. Sie schaffen Trends – und wir sind für sie da."





What are you particularly proud of?

"I am proud of the fact that I have gained a lot of knowledge, only being in my second year of apprenticeship. I am therefore allowed to perform certain tasks by myself and my boss fully trusts me that I am successful."







What is the best thing about your job?

"My tasks are very diverse. There are always new responsibilities that I need to take on, and I always need to be up-to-date. But above all, the best thing is that my colleagues, my boss and I complement one another and we are a strong team."






What kind of education is required for your job?

"I went to a vocational school with a focus on commercial advertising for two years. During my career I continued my education and attended a degree course in Sales and Marketing at the University of Economics in Vienna. But there are certainly many other options for training - Marketing is very diverse."





What has been your best experience with FunderMax so far?

"Four years ago we were planning a facade with an individual decor under enormous time pressures for everyone involved – from the architect to the artist, the construction company and my colleagues. The result was a breathtaking facade. Because of this customer reference and our perfect project management we were able to gain many new projects."





What has been your best experience with FunderMax so far?

"The best experience for me was when we cut the first mirror gloss boards, and carefully packaged them to ensure that our customer receive them in the best possible quality."

Gerfried Auswarth, Manufacturing