Our values

Diverse jobs in strong teams

We offer our employees jobs rich in variety and in many different functional areas. New challenges may and should be solved in a distinct way. The diverse range of people in our teams give each other valuable input.

That is what generates creativity as well as the high standards that are necessary for tackling new challenges. 

Opportunities for growth and development

Room for manoeuvre and a creative leeway, paired with constructive teamwork and feedback lead to one thing: inspiration.

That is also reflected in our opportunities for growth and development. What does this mean? No standard trainings courses but individual training- and development plans.  

Scope for independence and creativity

With us, you can get things moving. We provide the scope that is necessary for a free, creative and independent way of working.

For people who create – on the inside as well as on the outside.

Job security

FunderMax is a successful, privately owned industrial enterprise. We invest in growth and focus on innovation.  We do not just consistently follow our goals but also challenge them on a continuing basis.

This makes our achievements sustainable and secures jobs – now and in future. And we are very proud of that.